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What Do You Think Your Life Will Be Like In Retirement?

Much that is written about or spoken about retirement relates to the need to save for your life after work.  How much have you accumulated?  How much more do you need to save?  How is your money invested?  Should you downsize your home?  Have you planned far enough into the future? 

These are all legitimate questions you'll want to address well in advance of the day you finally call it quits.  But are you also asking yourself the "other" question:  What will my retirement be like?  Your lifestyle is likely to change drastically when you retire, and it's a good idea to try to prepare yourself for the road ahead.

Recognize that the changes aren't just financial.  Are you mentally and physically ready for retirement?  Often, people who stop working wonder what to do with all of their free time.  Here are some of the possibilities you might want to consider:

  • Start or expand a hobby.
  • Join a gym or take up golf or another sport.
  • Become active in a seniors group.
  • Volunteer for charity work.
  • Travel extensively.
  • Go back to school or otherwise learn a new skill.
  • Go back to work on a part-time basis (perhaps as a consultant).

These activities may provide purpose and meaning in the years ahead as you focus on the quality of life you hope to enjoy in retirement.  It's just as important to set your sights on your personal objectives as it is to save enough money to live on.

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