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Too Many ''Phish'' In The Sea

Doesn’t it seem like today’s society is way too savvy and alert to fall for any type of E-mail scam?  Guess again.  More individuals than ever are falling victim to phishing, the practice of Internet fraud that attacks its victims by disguising E-mails that appear to be from legit financial institutions.  These E-mails are asking “customers” to update or verify personal information by clicking on a web site link which leads to a phony webpage.  Here, victims are divulging their personal information to these identity thieves on spoofed financial institution sites. 


According to an article in February’s Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, “The Anti-Phishing Working Group, whose members include banks, Internet service providers and technology vendors, recorded 1,142 phishing sites last October, and says that spoofed sites are multiplying at a rate of 25% per month.  The group estimates that up to 5% of recipients respond to phishing e-mails, leaving them vulnerable to credit-card fraud and identity theft.”  The statistics do not look good.  Avoid the hook of these “phishermen” by ignoring such E-mails requesting this information and checking the statements on financial accounts regularly.  Report any suspicious transactions immediately!  Please remember that Legend® will never request sensitive information to you via E-mail.  If you should have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

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