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Retirement Plan Contribution Limit Changes


The maximum amount that can be contributed to deductible, non-deductible and Roth IRAs each year will increase to $3,000 for 2002 through 2004, to $4,000 for 2005 through 2007, and $5,000 for 2008 and thereafter. The contribution limit will be adjusted in increments of $500 for inflation after 2008.

Catch-Up Contributions:

Maximum permissible yearly contributions to 401(k) plans, 403(b) and Section 457 plans have also been raised. For 2002, the limit is $11,000. Those aged 50 or over will be allowed to make additional “catch-up” contributions over and above the general contribution limits as follows:












The $5,000 catch-up limit after 2006 will be adjusted for inflation. The law also makes a general overhaul of retirement of retirement plan provisions, including providing for faster investing.

Education IRA’s:

The contribution limit for education IRA’s is increased to $2,000 (from $500) in 2002. The law also makes several other education-related changes that are beneficial to the taxpayer.

Limitation on Multiple Plan Contribution Limits are Repealed:

Under the old tax law, if you worked for more than one employer and were able to contribute both to a 401(k) plan and a Section 457 plan you were only eligible to contribute the maximum on one plan. Beginning in 2002, you are eligible to contribute the maximum amounts on both plans.

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