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Risk-Controlled Investing Subscription Service

Risk-Controlled Investing Subscription Service is provided by Wealth Advisor Publishing, Inc., a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based publisher of financially oriented publications.   The Subscription Service guides financial advisors on how to build investment portfolios with lower risk.  The Subscription Service includes the following:
  • Monthly electronic newsletter, entitled Risk-Controlled Investing, written for financial advisors
  • Monthly “Ask the Editor” Conference Calls with Louis P. Stanasolovich, CFP®, Editor of Risk-Controlled Investing
  • Weekly investment analysis and reports of ETFs, ETNs, Closed-End Funds, MLPs, and Preferred Stocks
  • Monthly Currency Trends Reports
  • Monthly Investment Research Webcasts

 Risk-Controlled Investing Samples
As a member of the Risk-Controlled Investing Subscription Service, you will have access to a wide variety of financial tools designed to assist Financial Advisors.  To view samples of our services and products, simply click on the sample links below:
Sample Risk-Controlled Investing Newsletter
Risk-Controlled Investing is a monthly 40-plus page publication that is sent to Subscribers in an electornic format via E-mail.  It is written for Financial Advisors and includes articles, charts, LVP models, and other interesting facts. 
Sample "Ask the Editor" Conference Call
Set up in a Question-and-Answer format, Subscribers can dial in monthly to hear Editor Louis P. Stanasolovich’s take on current market trends and to review Secular Bear Market and other current numbers and trends.
Listen to Sample "Ask the Editor" Call
Sample Weekly Trends and Analysis Reports
The Risk-Controlled Investing weekly reports include investment trends and analysis of ETFs, ETNs, Closed-End Funds, MLPs, and Preferred Stocks.
Sample Monthly Currency Trends Graphs
The Risk-Controlled Investing monthly reports include currency trends to developed and emerging markets.
Sample Investment Research Webcast   
Investment Research Webcasts are monthly presentations hosted by a Sponsor. Each Webcast lasts one hour and all live attendees receive one CFP® Continuing Education credit for attending the live session. 
Sample Paid Live Advisor Webcast
Through the efforts of Louis P. Stanasolovich as a Continuing Education (CE) accredited sponsor of Webcasts,  we are able to provide Advisors the opportunity to earn CFP® CE credits for attending these Paid Live Advisor Webcasts. 

How to Subscribe to Risk-Controlled Investing Subscription Service

To subscribe to Risk-Controlled Investing Subscription Service, simply click on the link below, print out and complete the subscription form, and fax it back to Wealth Advisor Publishing, Inc.

If you would like more information about the Risk-Controlled Investing Subscription Service, please contact us at:
Wealth Advisor Publishing, Inc.
ATTN: Risk-Controlled Investing
5700 Corporate Drive, Suite 340
Pittsburgh, PA  15237
Phone: (877) 569-6671
Fax: (412) 635-9213

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