Retirement planning

Are You Retirement Ready?

What are the answers to the following questions?:

  1. Will I outlive my money or will my money outlive me?
  2. If I live to be 100, will I have enough money?
  3. How long would my money last if I were to stop working today?
  4. If I have a retirement shortfall, what can be done about it?

Find out the answers to these questions and more by obtaining a free retirement analysis from Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.®

Learn "How to Maximize Your Retirement Readiness", please call (412) 635-9210 to schedule a meeting to obtain a free retirement analysis.

Specifically, the free retirement income analysis will include the following:

  1. A basic retirement income analysis (one time single projection)
    1. Review a personal annual withdrawal rate based on actual cash flow needs
  2. A basic net worth statement
    1. That summarizes assets and liabilities
  3. A basic social security projection (for one of the following)
    1. Age 62
    2. Your full retirement age according to the social security administration
    3. Age 70
  4. Have a discussion of IRA rollover options
  5. Have a big picture discussion of investment allocation needed to address long-term retirement cash flow goals.