Legend provides investment management/consulting and personal financial planning services focused on the needs of sudden wealth recipients and their families.

Legend’s innovative, nationally-profiled Investment Process includes designing dynamic, creative and personalized investment solutions for individuals as well as Retirement Plans.

Legend has significant experience assisting lottery winners, inheritors, inventors, sellers of significant assets such as real estate or a business, etc., receivers of royalties (ex.oil and gas), winners of lawsuit settlements, sellers of very large stock holdings and/or options as well as contest and sweepstakes winners.  Legend’s advisors will enable these individuals to adjust to the complexities that they will face involving large sums of money and/or investments in a prudent manner.

Legend’s Personal Financial Planning Services are individualized and include, but are not limited to: pre- and post- retirement funding and distribution planning, minimizing income taxes where possible, estate planning consulting, family income planning needs in the event of death or disability and education funding planning, if applicable as well as developing asset protection strategies against liability lawsuits.

Legend’s goal is to assist sudden wealth recipients and their families in making informed, intelligent financial decisions, so that they are free to focus more closely on matters that mean the most to them.