Investment Management Services for Advisors

Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.® (Legend) is a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered investment advisory firm that offers personalized investment management services as a subadvisor to other registered investment advisory firms.  For advisory firms seeking to outsource investment management services, Legend offers a low cost a la carte menu of services that are tailored to each advisory firm.

Investment Portfolio Strategies:

Investment portfolios are selected in conjunction with the advisory firm (Legend as subadvisor has no direct contact with an advisory firm’s clients) and developed to match the advisory firm’s risk and return objectives.  Each type of investment portfolio is managed to achieve the long-term investment objectives of the client as stated by the advisory firm.

Portfolio Performance Reports:

Please contact Legend for more information on portfolio performance reporting for an advisor’s clients.  Please note this portfolio performance reporting is available only for portfolios sub-advised by Legend.

Investment Portfolio Minimum:

The minimum size for a sub-advised investment portfolio is $250,000.00.

Subadvisory Fees:

Fees normally range from 40 basis points to 50 basis points depending upon the investment strategy, the number of accounts included within a portfolio and whether the portfolio is to be managed tax-efficiently or not.  Advisory firms may receive additional discounts depending upon the total dollar amount in the aggregate to be managed.

Second Opinions For Advisors And Their Potential Clients:

For a separate fee, a second opinion analysis can be provided to an advisor’s prospective clients.  For more information, please call Legend at (412) 635-9210.

Other Services:

Should other services be requested such as account establishment, fee calculations and performance reporting, additional fees will apply.

For Additional Information:

For More Information or for a Specific Fee Quote
for Any of the Above-Mentioned Subadvisory Services,
Please Call Legend at (412) 635-9210.